Andrew Veit

Percussionist | Composer | Educator

Private lessons

As a professional musician, I'm required to master many skills, however I view teaching as my best ability. I have taught private lessons for over ten years including students ranging from elementary school to college graduates. Currently, I teach out of my studio located in Wheaton, IL and direct over twenty students who take either half hour or hour long weekly lessons. I thoroughly enjoy sculpting young minds into productive, expressive, and successful adults, or to help enrich older ones!  2016, I have chosen to teach in the private sector for the opportunity to work closely and address my students' specific needs as musicians. My goal as an educator is to use joy, humility, discipline, and care to help each student find their own creative voice. 


What will we be learning?

Students involved in my studio learn a variety of percussive instruments. Unlike our friends that are woodwinds, brass, strings, or vocalist, a valued percussionist must learn multiple instruments. At my home studio I am able to teach students in snare drum (concert and rudimental), keyboards (2 and 4 mallets), timpani, and drumset (rock, swing, R&B, world, and funk), and jazz. While learners blaze their own paths, all of my students will be focusing on the fundamentals of percussion which root them selves in snare and keyboards, which means they will primarily spend at least a month on one instrument before moving to the next. Even so, all students should plan on learn a plethora of percussion instruments.